My work is a quest to understand the transformative effects that result from time as a consequential force. I create images that express feelings of deterioration and distress using patterns from my surrounding environment as a metaphor for regeneration and the cyclic tendencies of human life. Occasionally I distort reality in order to capture a more accurate vision of the psychological presence.

Composing a scene out of fragmented layers bridges a variety of thoughts into one image that can overlap sequentially. Supporting the philosophy that destruction is another form of reconstruction (similar to my process itself). Balance between spontaneous intuition and structured control are portrayed in my process as I experiment with mediums ranging from spray paint to oil, tools and techniques such as masking and stenciling, Resulting in areas of representation where the paint is allowed to form the illusion of reality disintegrating into raw, expressive color and mark.

Isaiah Gulino grew up in rural upstate New York, much of his art was inspired by skateboarding and doing street art. Which enabled an expressive and rebellious voice to reveal itself on canvas. On the contrary the landscape and agricultural lifestyle of the Lake Ontario and Finger Lakes regions allowed him to observe serene natural beauty in his surroundings. The ironic combination results in a painting style that finds beauty through decay. A concept developed through his BFA studies at the New Hampshire Institute of Art, where he earned a degree in painting and printmaking in 2013.